We host your dreams. MOS5 offers SMEs an affordable, reliable and scalable cloud storage & hosting management services. By outsourcing your web storage & hosting needs to us, your e-businesses can quickly and affordably launch and maintain an effective web presence.
The 24/7 network maintenance, the 99% server uptime and our ready-to-answer support team join their efforts in favor of your e-businesses.

Cloud applications

  • Content managmenet apps
  • ERP apps
  • Doc management apps
  • EDM apps

Private cloud hosting solutions

  • Share server / dedicated server hosting
  • Web / email server hosting
  • Database server hosting
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam server hosting
  • Firewall & security equipment hosting

Public cloud storage solutions

  • File storage package
  • Email storage package
  • FPT storage package
  • Data share / protect solutions

Cloud backup solutions

  • Data schedule automated back-up
  • Retention policy setup
  • Historical data storage & maintance
  • Disaster recovery